Actually, in addition to Joe Don Baker, a few of the Joy Sticks alumni have managed to keep busy. Among them...

John Diehl (on the right) has appeared in quite a few movies including Jurrasic Park III and Pearl Harbor, and TV series like The Shield, The Pretender, ER and The X-Files.

"Maybe if I shove my finger into my brain hard enough, I can wipe out any memories of this movie."

Jon Gries has fared even better, having worked as a producer and director, as well as appearing in films like Men in Black and Get Shorty. He's also acted in The Pretender, ER and The X-Files. Small world, isn't it?

"Me? No... I was never in Joy Sticks... you must have me confused with, uh... Billy Idol."

And of course, Ringo Starr went on to many successful solo projects as well...

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