If you think I'm going to show you any of the actual nudity from this film, forget it. Really, there's nothing much to see anyway, and what's there is pretty unappealing. Apparently, they hired whoever was willing to take their shirts off for a few bucks, and didn't give much consideration to aesthetics. We'll just leave it at that.

But here's some of the touchingly sweet romance from the film. (If this doesn't turn you off from seeing it... nothing will.)


"When I look into your eyes... I see something beautiful - my reflection!"


Dorfus gets a little lovin' from Jeff.


I wouldn't put my hand there. Not for a million dollars.


There's nothing like young love... and this is nothing like young love.


Uh... ick. Just... ick.


Dorfus and Mrs. Rutter - he sure gets a lot of action for a disgusting slob.

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