Moon Patrol, Solar Fox, Burgertime, Galaga. None of which are in the rest of the movie.

Also in the opening sequence, close-ups of monitors for Pole Position, Moon Patrol, Gorf, Naughty Boy, Ms. Pac-Man, Stargate, Millipede, Pooyan, Scramble, Jungle Hunt and Front Line are shown - of which only Gorf and Ms. Pac-Man are seen anywhere else.


Sadly, even though she's just standing in front of the camera here, she still thinks she's playing the game. In the background are three pinball machines, Galaxian (hidden behind her), Rally-X, and Centipede.


A closer view of Solar Fox. There are at least three more games beyond Galaga which can't be identified. Believe me... trying to figure out what games are in this movie is a lot more interesting than actually watching it.

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