Streaking flyer from the Arcade Flyer Archive. (Pretty unbelievable that someone still had one of these things sitting around more than 20 years later.)

In case you don't want to hunt down the full-sized scan, the text says:

(top left, near policeman)

My God!
She is streaking.
I'll have to hurry
to put her clothes

(bottom right, next to screen shot)

  • You will get points by eating foods
    which are placed on maze.
  • Pick up accessories and put them
  • On the condisions of danger THE
    MACHINE will scream, "HELP".
  • Trip from Trip points at a corner
    to front corner.
  • There are three streakers. One
    streaker is added by obtaining
    1,000 points.


    If red mark "not eating to much"
    is appeared, the game is over.

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