You start out topless, just wearing underpants. Well... at least you've got something on.
Then you pick up a matching bra. Hardly Victoria's Secret though.
Next, you steal a dress. I'm assuming your stealing it, otherwise the cops would have stopped chasing you by now.
Grab the boots. You'll run a lot faster, and the game becomes almost playable, but the cops also get faster.
A hat - you're going to waste time stealing a hat? Nobody wears hats anymore.
For some reason, when you have the hat, the maze changes color. I guess it's so they can show off that nifty yellow raincoat.
Now you're after an umbrella. In the "Strip Video" game, this shows up right at the start.
After getting the umbrella, you'd think you'd be after gloves or something. But no... now that you're a hardened criminal, you're just after money.
Once you grab some loot, you apparently spend it on a makeover, since you've got a whole new look.

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