Nothing says "quality production values" like a big, fake, wooden cactus.


Some of the pinball machines in Pinball City.


And some more. There are more than these, too. They're hard to identify though, since I'm completely unfamiliar with pinballs. Some that I could read include Mata Hari, Eight Ball, Playboy, Royal Flush and Power Play. A pinball aficionado would have a field-day identifying all of these classics.



As for video games, there's a wealth of ancient ones. Here are a Tank 8 and an Indy 800, plus some projection game in the background.


There's Fonz, Death Race, F-1 (an Atari/Namco projection game) and Tank. An Atari Football is in the foreground.


Speed King and Jet Rocket. I have no idea if they're electro-mechanical, projection or what. Plus a pair of Atari Footballs.


A Space Invaders cabinet. The Red Team doesn't look terribly impressed.


Don't blink - that's a Speed Freak by Cinematronics.


The Star Fire mockup in the foreground, and a whole bunch of games in the background, including a Steeplechase and a 280-Zzzap.