This is from Page 21 of Starlog #31, in an article on The Black Hole. I remembered this picture for over 20 years, because it freaked me out as a kid - I thought Eddie Deezen was being electrocuted by the game. I had never seen the movie until I bought the DVD.


The caption reads:


Top: Eddie Deezen pilots the exploding Star Battles video game in Midnight Madness, to be released in February 1980. Left: Yvette Mimieux as Dr. Kate McCrae comforts Maximillian Schell as Dr. Hans Reinhardt, who controls the immense Cygnus that has been missing from Earth for 20 years. Right: Elliott Gould stars as a hardluck airplane pilot in The Last Flight of Noah's Ark, due out in summer 1980.


The cover of Starlog #31. Also note "Checkov's Star Trek diary" - excerpts from a book Walter Koenig was writing during the making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It was pretty funny stuff.