The controls are a spinner, and a goofy-looking gun / joystick thing. Sort of like Tron's controls, but not as cool.


The game starts out like Berzerk. Except the maze continually rotates.


As you progress further into the game, your perspective begins to change as you drop down into the maze.


The more you play, the more you get into the game. Literally.


Finally, at Level 12, you're in the maze itself. Pretty advanced concept for the time. No hidden line removal though. Feh.

The graphics look pretty cool overall, although I'm biased since I like vector games. They appear to be a combination of computer-generated wireframes, mixed with special effects animation. Probably doable with the technology of the time, although it would have been expensive to produce as a real game. It doesn't seem as if it would have been all that fun to play - the game is as slow as molasses.