Okay everybody - squint! Starting from the entrance, there's Kick, Tron, Zaxxon, Frogger, Slither, Pleiades, three Galaxians, two Pac-Mans and Vanguard.


A closer look at some tough-guys playing some classics. Ooo... intimidating!


A few more of the many classics in this arcade. So far, I've seen: near entrance - Kick, Tron, Zaxxon, Frogger, Slither, Pleiades, Galaxian (three), Pac-Man (2), Vanguard; across from that row - Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man (2), Defender (2), Centipede (2); middle of arcade - Monaco GP, Pleiades, Atari Football; far wall - Asteroids, Dig-Dug, Joust, Burgertime, Jungle Hunt, Pleiades (man... those things get around).


There are a whole bunch that are too out-of-focus to recognize, too. Of course, it doesn't help having smug-boy blocking my view, either.