Emilio heads off to his fate at the local "Game-O-Rama". Man, I miss mall arcades.


A few of the classics... Berzerk, Starhawk, Venture, Rip-Off and Asteroids Deluxe.


So far, I've been able to spot: main floor - Asteroids Deluxe, Carnival, Pleiades (two), UniWarS, Explorer (by Sidam), Rip-Off, Scramble, Berzerk, Starship 1, Super Cobra, upper level - TailGunner, Asteroids (several), Missile Command (two), Atari Football, Carnival, Battlezone, and in the mall entrance - Asteroids (two). There are a number of games I can't identify, because they're too out-of-focus. Yeah, I'm just way too obsessive with this stuff.


It's hard to figure out which games are which, since the game locations often change from shot to shot - especially in the later scenes. Maybe that's supposed to be part of the story - the videogames move on their own! Scary!