Well, not anymore!

I may offer to sell enocder wheels to people building the Cheep Spinner, since I can make those very easily now. But we'll see if there's any interest.

I'll probably change this page to links where you can buy the parts to build all this stuff.

* Prices do not include shipping. CA residents must add 8% sales tax. ADB units may take longer.

The Cheep Spinner

No longer available.

The Cheep Hackball

Never available in the first place.

How to order

E-mail me. Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your screen name at the MacMAME Message Board
  • Your complete address (be sure to include city, state, country and zip code)
  • Which interface you want (USB or ADB)
  • Which model you want (stand-alone or control panel-ready)
  • How you want it shipped (US Priority Mail, or UPS Ground)

When I get your e-mail, I'll find out the shipping costs, and e-mail you back a total price, and my address. When you get that information, write out a personal check (in US dollars) and send it to me for the amount indicated.

As soon as I receive your check, I'll e-mail you to let you know the maximum amount of time it will take you to get your spinner. This will be based on two things:

  • I will only commit to shipping four per month. It may be more than that, but it won't be less.
  • Whoever gets their money to me first, gets their spinner built first.

The maximum amount of time will be based on how many orders I've got for the current month, and how many additional orders I've got beyond that.

I will not deposit your check until I actually start building your spinner. I will e-mail you when construction starts, and when your spinner ships. I realize this requires a lot of trust on your part, but remember - you don't have to order one if you're uncomfortable with it.


Shipping will be by US Priority Mail with confirmation receipt. This should put the cost for US orders at about $6 for shipping. If you want UPS Ground instead, be sure to indicate that in your order. UPS Ground will cost about $10 for US orders, and is actually slower. But you can track it online.

Overseas orders will be by whatever shipping method the customer requests, but be forewarned - it's going to cost a lot more than US orders for shipping.

Warranty Information

I test these out pretty thoroughly before they leave here. They've been designed to be very durable, and should survive shipping just fine. The only part likely to break down on the spinner may be the mouse circuitry, and I don't think Kensington will honor their warranty on it after I'm done hacking it up.

If the spinner stops working at some point, let me know, and hopefully it's a simple fix I can walk you through (encoder wheel realignment, or similar). If it's totally hosed, send it back to me and I'll repair it for the cost of the replacement parts and return shipping. This warranty is good for as long as Cheep Technology exists, or as long as I can still get the parts.

There is no money back guarantee. If you simply don't like it, then you're out of luck. Sell it to someone else, or better still, see if you can find a way to make it better. Everyone benefits from that.