Q. Will you sell everything shown on this site?

A. Only what's practical for me to build, and then only in very limited quantities. The main goal of this site is to develop projects and post how-to guides so that other people can build their own controllers.

Q. How come you haven't finished (fill in project name)?

A. I build these as I have the time. Some things take longer to figure out than others. Also, I have a job that tends to get in the way of my spare time. Pesky thing.

Q. How come there aren't any buttons on the Spinner or Hackball?

A. The concept behind them is to be stand-alone desktop controllers that work with a keyboard (or, as part of a control panel). In order to add buttons, I'd have to use significantly bigger cases, since arcade buttons take up so much room. Plus the buttons would have to be at least a little ways away from the controller so that you could actually use them with your other hand, without your fingers getting tied up in knots. Then there's the whole issue of making them right-handed or left-handed. So given all of that, it'd be better just to stick them into a small control panel if you really need the buttons.

Q. How come you don't make stuff for PCs?

A. I don't want to. I'm just in this for fun - it'd be too much of a headache to build stuff for a platform I know nothing about and have no way to test stuff on.

Q. Why's the Cheep Spinner so expensive?! I can get a spinner elsewhere for less money.

A. Go for it. Or build one yourself. That's sort-of the whole point of this site. Soldering burns are fun!

Q. Can't I get a real arcade knob for the Cheep Spinner?

A. Yep. Go ahead. Just make sure it fits on a 1/4" shaft. Oh... you want me to put one on it. Nope.

Q. What's up with the little chicken?

A. That's Cheep. He's the mascot for Cheep Technology. Don't let his looks fool ya... he's a hard-core old-school gamer with the best of 'em. It's quite a site watching him play Defender.

Q. Didn't you just basically copy the same picture of the chicken over and over again? Isn't that cheating?

A. Hey, it works for Penny Arcade. ;-)

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