Why should you use Cheep Technology? Just listen to the thousands* of satisfied customers!

* estimated figures - actual number of customers may vary by several thousand

Brad Oliver, MacMAME lead programmer:

"The most impressive thing about it - which is not immediately obvious from the pictures - is that it's a sturdy piece of equipment. This thing is built to last until apes rule over men."

"I tried those name-brand spinners, but they caused my hair to fall out. The Cheep Spinner is everything I could want in spinner technology on the Mac, and I once again have a full head of luxuriant hair!"

Evan, who ordered so fast the ink wasn't dry on this website yet:

"Just bought a Cheep Spinner from Nathan. I have to admit, it is very well built, and works seamlessly on my b&w G3. If you want a spinner, I would strongly recommend it! Thanks Nathan!"

"P.S. This is an unsolicited plug."

Marvyn Hortman, MacMAME Laundry List:

"I recieved mine yesterday and Brad is right...this thing is built like an old AT&T rotary phone! I could probably drop it out our 3rd story window at work and it would be fine. Also, that knob is almost frictionless...it will spin forever."

"Nathan you rock! Not to mention the coolness factor..everyone at my work is jealous of the pure geekiness of having a castor for a spinner. I let a few people try it out & oooooo the jealousy."

"...if you don't absolutely fall in love with the Cheep Spinner, you must be hanging out on the NEOGEO boards too much!"

Will Perez, contributing programmer to CPSMAME, and owner of a very large garage:

"Received my Cheep Spinner last night and LOVE IT! It's bigger and more sturdy than it looks in the pictures."

"I was playing Tempest until about 2 am last night. I was never able to make it as far as the red levels before just using my mouse. How exciting!"

"Having a spinner is more important to me than the HotRod and cheeper too - highly recommended"

Darin Galgano, MacMAME hot-shot:

"...this thing rocks! I'm breaking high-scores left and right"

"...and you haven't played tempest in MacMame until you play it with the cheep spinner! ...i've never played tempest in macmame as much as i have today...it's just so great with the spinner...i never liked playin' it with the mouse....now i can even do the tempest "spin of the knob" in between boards...."

"not only is it an amazing piece of technology, but it's renewed the fun some of these games once had that couldn't be captured fully with a mouse.....it's a lot of fun just going thru like every game seeing if you can use the spinner......and it works great on vertical driving games...like Turbo, Buggy Challenge...but even newer games like Grand Champion....it's fantastic!"

"money well, well spent nathan! excellent job! i couldn't be happier with it!"

Andrew Welyczko, Mr. "Must have a Cheep Spinner":

"Sega Turbo and Tempest... I'm happy to report, are an insane pleasure with the Cheep Spinner. The first time I fired up Turbo with the Cheep Spinner plugged in, I instantly regressed to my youth, blankly staring at the screen and playing game after game after game after game."

"I'm absolutely amazed at just how well-built and sturdy it is. Brad was right: I couldn't believe how massive it feels -- like picking up a deceptively dense object. Now that I think about it, holding the Cheep Spinner by the cord and twirling it around your head would make a mighty and debilitating weapon."

David Smith, who liked it so much, he bought two:

"I haven't written because I now spend every free moment playing MAME. My Dad likes his too. He is now an Arkanoid addict."

"Mad Planets is so damn fun now and KickMan is a riot, the Cheep Spinner is actually a vast improvement on the original one-axis trackball."

"It's obvious that Cheep Technology takes great pride in producing high quality, seemingly indestructible controllers. The attention to detail and even the labeling on the product makes the whole presentation a joy. It's nearly 'Apple' like in its completeness."

"I love the 'heft' and overall feel of the controller. I can tell it's going to last forever."

Patrick McFarland, big-time contest winner:

"Well all I can say is that this thing is freakin' Hacktacular! Or Hell, even Hacktastic, maybe even Hacktabulous! I completely forgot how much fun some of these trackball games were to play. I'll never play Marble Madness again without it. Centipede was fun again. Crystal Castles was a blast! Ataxx was better... Rampart was fun... I even played Missile Command for half an hour. Plain and simple, you just can't play these games without a good trackball, and the Hackball is a perfect fit."

"I'm seriously stoked to go back and revisit all of the old games that had trackballs."

"And, oh my God... all the bubble wrap!"

"All in all, a solid piece of classic gaming hardware! Easy to use, plug n' play was very nice, especially in OS X."

"...I give it 3 thumbs up, 4 mice and 5 stars! Good work Nathan! Thank you."

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